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JSC VELTORF 182115, Pskov Region, Velikie Luki, Gogol St., 1A
The professional market: +7 (81153) 6-86-40, 6-86-42, info@veltorf.com
Hobby market (to 150 l): +7 (81153) 6-86-42, hobby@veltorf.com
LTD “Veltorf” is a modern progressing peat-processing plant, the biggest one in northwest Russia manufacturer of soil and fuel peat. The enterprise is situated in Velikie Luki, Pskovskaya region.
Under “Veltorf” trademark our company produces high-class nutritious peat substrates for seeding and growing cereal crops, specific mixtures for raising tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, lettuce; a number of substrates for annual and perennial plants, plants grown in hanging pots, bulbous plants, substrates for lawns, planting ephedras and shrubs and other decorative crops, including custom orders.
Healthy plants can only grow in healthy soil and that is why it is so important to choose the right nutritious peat substrate, which will be used as your plants growing habitat.
To satisfy special demands of every crop and growth method, we improve our peaty mixtures by adding different micro- and macro-elements, durable action fertilizers, additives, that increase substrate’s water-absorbing ability and air capacity; all of which are of the best quality.

Advantages of “Veltorf”:

Our plant’s main advantage is using modern technologies of processing peat, which allow us to produce superior goods and guarantee stable shipping in amount needed:
  • Modern processing technologies;
  • European quality;
  • Guarantee stable shipping;
  • Well-arranged team of professionals.

Production of “Veltorf”:

торф торф
Big-beils 3 / 4,5 / 5,2 m³
Low-capacity technology 26 l
Purposed for:
•  Large and medium hothouse sectors and agricultural enterprises, growing seedlings, vegetable, floral, berry crops, mushrooms and other sheltered soil material production.
•  Wholesale commercial enterprises and sole traders, soil and peat producers.
•  Landscape industry arrangement.
•  Agricultural enterprises, using peat as a ground litter, preparing compost.
торф торф
Packages 5 / 10 / 25 / 50 l
Purposed for:
• Sole traders, shops, wholesale commercial enterprises carrying out the product to a final consumer – natural person.
There is a variety of soils for house plants, cucumbers and vegetable marrows, tomatoes and peppers, decorative ephedras, hothouses, seedlings, orchids, rhododendrons, lawns.
торф топливный торф
In lumps по 20 / 50 / 400-500 kg
Purposed for:
• For housing and communal services are a particular market segment, using lump or milling fuel peat for heating amenity rooms.

“Veltorf” peat fractions

In production of peat substrata mix of the sifted milling and carved peat that provides optimum access of oxygen to roots of plants is used. Depending on the estimated purpose of application of a peat substratum the following fractions are used: торф


Milling peat - mix of particles of different size and shape depending on purpose from 0 to 40 mm.
Sectile peat - is used as a bettering structure component.
Clay - is used to increase water-absorbing ability and optimize the process of exchanging nutritious elements.
Sand - is used as disintegrator and drainage.
Limestone and dolomite powder - are used for substrate deoxidation as a valuable limestone fertilizer.
PG Mix - is the main complex of mineral fertilizers.
Wetting agent - liquid additive to increase water-absorbing ability.
It’s good to know...
The cream of “young peat”
The upper peat of a low degree of decomposition is notable for low content of carbohydrate, but still, it contains more carbohydrates, including cellulose, than a low laying one. So, maybe, these carbohydrates are what they call “the cream” of young peat?
The impact of sulfuric acid on a dried upper peat leads to formation of hydrolyzate – liquid complex of carbohydrates with a touch of organic combinations of other sorts. This liquid can be separated to extract some valuable components, but in a solid way it has higher value than peat itself. It is a good nutritious habitat for microbiological synthesis. From a ton of young peat it is possible to produce a center of nutrient yeast, dry solid matter of which, on one half consists of proteins and, in addition to this, contains vitamins, hormones, ferments. Turns out to be a perfect feed addition for cattle and poultry. It is important, that it is extracted with the same equipment as the feed yeast from wood.
But if the processing of peat by acid is lead in other way, we will get so-called sugared peat, which is quite useful as a feed addition too. So here we are that “cream” from peat can turn out to be real cream.

Advantages of an upper peat for substrates:
1). High porosity of peat gives air and waters an easy access to roots, what forwards good metabolism and formation of a healthy root system.
2). High water-absorbing ability (nearly 1000%) gives an opportunity to regulate the watering owing to which peat never turns into a lump. With an optimal moisture content of 78-85%, 35-50% amount of pores is occupied by air, which is extremely important for normal functioning of root system. Even under the heavy watering the upper peat still keeps up to 20% of air.
3). Owns antiseptic characteristics caused by over acid reaction of habitat (рНKCl > 2,5) and presence of phenolic connections.
4). It’s a “natural doctor” for plants – prevents plants from illnesses.
5). Contains a lot of organic substances and holds a high capacity of absorption and buffer capacity, which allows using heightened norms of mineral fertilizers in peaty soils and regulating feeding levels without endangering of creating harmful salt content.
6). Carbonic gas which evolves while peat mineralization fastens plants growth in protected soil and photosynthesis process, especially in winter time with bad lightning.
7). Low degree of decomposition (not more than 25%) saves healthy substances for a long time, which allows using peat throughout 3 years.
8). Low apparent density of peat (nearly 200kg/m³) simplifies working whit it in hothouses a lot .

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