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Low-capacity technology

Currently the low-capacity technology of growing vegetables becomes more and more popular. It’s special feature is that plants grow in bags or on mat with substrates instead of seedbeds. The growing process is completely computerized. While preparing a nutritious mixture for watering plants the computer program controls the content of mineral addings permitted. The use of this technology does not only let you save up facilities of your complex by means of lower expenses on water, heating and fertilizers, but protects plants from plant pests and betters ecology through controlled drainage flow and absence of soil chemical disinfection. This technology will let your enterprise grow “Premium-class” vegetables ( the highest class of quality and manufacturability).

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For growing vegetable crops by low-capacity technology LTD “Veltorf” offers not only standard formulas, but individually-produced ones too.
The main components of “Veltorf” substrates
In the capacity of neutralizing material in peat and soil “Veltorf” is mainly used ecological limestone powder from the local minefield Novoizborgskoe, Pskovskaya region. This lime material efficiently regulates the acidity of peat mixtures ( pH = 4-7 ) and saturates them with calcium and magnesium. In some cases, taking in account clients’ wishes, dolomitic lime is used for neutralization of over-acidity of basic peat.
In many sorts of soil material is used special adding – pearlit, which increases the level of porosity, water-absorbing ability and air permeability. Moreover, pearlit has good sorptive properties and it forwards keeping the main agrochemical characteristics of soil materials.
A special attention reserves complex mineral fertilizer PG-Mix, used in LTD “Veltorf”. This modern, efficient fertilizer contains balanced amount of water-soluble forms NPK and microelements. Microsphere form affords to achieve an even share of nutritious elements through the entire amount of peat substrare. The high content of water-soluble phosphorus (95%) provides a high level assimilation of nutritious element by plants. In addition, PG-Mix contents small amounts of nitrate nitrogen, and, with no doubt, it impacts favorably on quality of crop production.
Osmocote is a prolonged effect fertilizer, which supplies even share of nutritious substances in optimal proportions for plants’ growth. Osmocote nourishes plants even then, when they shouldn’t be moistened ( cold season, intense precipitation). Plants grow faster, evenly, look good just because neither high nor low amount of nutritious components threatens them, as it may with the usage of traditional fertilizers.
Wetting reagent gives an opportunity to re-moisture substrate in case it dryes. Wetting reagent does not only guarantee better rate of moisture and bigger amount of absorbed water, but it also guarantees, that while resting or dark time of the year, substrates’ drainage will improve and the amount of water in substrate will decrease.
Packing and transportation

малообъемная технологияStandard packing of peat substrates for low-capacity technology – polyethylene package with capacity of 26l.
Package – double-sided black and white layer.
Using of light- stabilizing package secures hardness against ultraviolet.

малообъемная технология
Size of package with soil material: 1050x265x55mm ( length x width x height). The packages themselves are packed up and fixed with a stretch-layer on a pallet in amount from 100 to 120 pieces.
2008 ООО "ВЕЛТОРФ"™ - torfopererabatyvayushchy plant.
Production and peat processing, production of peat substrata, fuel peat for housing and communal services.
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