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торф PRODUCTION торф


торфDevelopment and extraction of peat is held on “Galsky moss” minefield with the use of special up-to-date machinery PremierTech System Ltd (Canada) and Suokone (Finland). The quality of “Galsky moss” minefield deposit allows extracting such peat, which can be efficiently used as a simple, safe and clean fuel.
Results of tests, held in laboratory of peat and its processing product VNIITP confirm the high quality of extracted peat and compliance of its structure with the requirements of GOST Р 51661.2-2000.


Peat processing plant is equipped with a modern high-technology Canadian machinery:

Fractionation lineторф
The incoming peat is divided on 4 fractions with the following sizes of particles: 0-5, 0-10, 5-20 and more than 40 mm. Before getting separated on fractions the raw material undergoes an additional processing from foreign inclusions on a disk screen. After that particles which are larger than 40 mm go on a hammer crusher with a following fractionating or are removed outside the limits of production string. Dividing into fractions 0-5, 0-10, 5-20, 15-40 and more than 40 mm affords to get a peat basis of substrates with a needed size of particles and minimal amount of inner inclusions.

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Mixing lineторф
7 metering devices for applying dry components and 2 for applying liquid ones afford to get high-quality substrates with demanded pH factors and with percentage content of micro- and macro elements accordingly to customers demand.
It is possible to add 4 types of solid fertilizers, pearlite and vermiculite, fertilizing solution, wetting addings, which affords to reduce the duration of filling the substrate with water in hothouse sectors. In terms of manufacturing, it is possible to mix different types and fractions with sand or clay to use the derived mixture as basis for substrates.

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Distribution lineторф
Line machinery affords to direct the derived product on packing line in beils in capacity of 3/4,5/5,2 m³, on packing line in packages from 5 to 100 l and also for shipping in bulk.

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Packing lineторф
The line contains press for packing the derived product by compression with a factor of 2,1 with scalding up the package top and also machinery for marking, setting packages in capacity of 3/4,5/5,2 m³ on pallets and their transportation outside the technological line for folding and shipping to Customer. The efficiency of press affords to produce 20 packages per hour.

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Our own independent laboratory carries out chemical, physical and biological analyzes of peat mixtures on a regular basis, which enables to control strictly the quality of releasing production.

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2008 ООО "ВЕЛТОРФ"™ - torfopererabatyvayushchy plant.
Production and peat processing, production of peat substrata, fuel peat for housing and communal services.
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